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2 Roll Thread Rolling Machine-for Solid Bar
PM-120VS-6M Auto (6M Loader + Motorized Auto Feed + 6M Unloader)
Product Name
2-Roll-Type Thread Rolling Machines
  • Series of Models PM-75VS-L, PM-120VS, PM-120VS-HS, PM-120VS-TWIN individualize one moveable and one fixed head, they are perfectly suitable for all types of heavy duty threading and cold forming on cylindrical components according to all the standards (ISO, ACME, TPN, WORM SCREWS etc.) with fast and precise plunge and thru-feed thread rolling operations and it can be equipped with PLC or CNC control unit.
  • Heavy duty slideways and spindle support housings give extra strength and rigidity, reducing the risk of deflection and guaranteeing a long productive life. All controls and adjustments are from the front operator’s position.
  • Features Preselector time control for auto cycling; Roll slide positive stop; Automatic lubrication.
  • Model PM-120VS-HS with High-Speed Gear Box features double spindle speeds mainly for mass production of All-Threaded-Bar with Double Productivity.
  • Model PM-120VS-TWIN is a machine with innovative design of the mechanism which incorporates with 2 pairs thread rolling dies for synchronous plunge-feed thread rolling on double-ends of the component which allows up to 300 mm long giving Double Productivity.


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