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2-Roll-Type Thread Rolling Machines
Product Name
Heavy Duty Bar Straightening Machines
Series of 5 machine models

Series of 5 machine models for various round metal bars up to 95 mm diameters


  1. One of the world’s biggest machine for high-grade precision bar & shaft straightening
    (machine net weight 13000 kgs).
  2. Capacity 95 mm bar diameter (w/out heat treatment) and 75 mm shaft diameter (with heat treatment)
  3. 130 mm very heavy duty spindle diameter.
  4. 300 ~ 350 mm roll straightening dies diameter x die-width up to 600 mm (max.)
  5. A pair of one each Concave and Convex Dies for Thru-Feed Roll Straightening and 2 x Multi-Piece-Type Special-Made Dies for Plunge-Feed Roll Straightening.
  6. Machine size: 2600 x 2050 x 1700 mm (L x W x H)
  7. 50 HP spindle motor x variable speeds x 6 ~ 20 M/Min. productivity.
  8. Suits for precision straightening on wind power foundation bolts, heavy duty shafts for different industries.


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