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2 Roll Thread Rolling Machine-for Solid Bar
Product Name
2-Roll-Type Thread Rolling Machines
Product Specification
  1. PMC One Sliding Head Two-Roll-Type Thread & Profile Rolling Machine features rapid roll carriage infeed and return on the heavy duty slideways with easy selection of the hydraulic pressure and feed rate giving consistently accurate threads.
  2. All controls and adjustments nearly are from the front operator’s position.
    In addition, Preselector time control for auto cycling; Roll slide positive stop; Automatic lubrication.
  3. Semi or Fully-Automatic Loading Equipment available for all machines.
  4. Thousands machines of series PM-32, PM-32VS, PM-40, PM-40VS including automation have been widely introduced to 42 countries for a comprehensive industrial thread & profile rolling such as: plunge-feed thread rolling on Single-Ended and Double-Ended B7 Stud Bolts; U-Bolts (single-end and double-ends); Hook Bolts; Foundation Bolts; Anchor Bolts; All-Threaded-Bar up to 6M long (Thru-Feed); Screw Jacks; Elevating Screws; ACME Shafts (single-start to three-start); Grease Tubes; Ball Pin Thread; Diamond and Straight Knurling; Tie Rod; Splines; many others ……

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