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2-Roll-Type Thread Rolling Machine
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2-Roll-Type Thread Rolling Machines
  1. Over the last 40 years PMC made history with various developments and innovations in the field of rolling using circular dies. Whenever it comes to roll threads, profiles, splines, rings, to burnishing or to densification then PMC supports its customers with Machine, Die, Process from one source, with quality products exclusively manufactured in Taiwan.
  2. Serial Models PM-50, PM-50VS, PM-60 and PM-60VS are the medium capacity thread & profile rolling machines.
  3. Picture shows below is the machine PM-60VS with Magazine Loader for 4M stock bars + Hydraulic Auto Feed + Auto Unloader for 4M All-Thread-Bar & can be freely chose to thru-feed and plunge-feed thread rolling on one-end or two-ends.
  4. Picture shows next page is the machine PM-60VS with integrated linkage including Loader and Unloader
    (with conveyor out-feed) to form a Fully-Automatic Double-Ends Chamfering + Stamping + Thread Rolling for Φ12 ~ 40 mm x up to 500 and 800 mm length.


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