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2 Roll Thread Rolling Machine-for Solid Bar
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Precision Center Rest Fixture
Rolling Grease Tubes 56.5 and 62.5mm x 250~450mm Long with Trapezoid Thread and Diamond knurling by Model PM-32VS with Special-Made Fixture (optional equipment)
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Product Name
Hydraulic Thru-feed & Infeed Thread Rolling Machine-Precision & Economy
PM-32 / PM-32VS / PM-40 / PM-40VS


Precision Perfected: PMC One Sliding Head Two-Roll-Type Thread Rolling Machine 

Elevate your manufacturing capabilities to new heights with our advanced Thread Rolling Machine. Unlock rapid roll carriage in-feed and return on heavy-duty slideways, coupled with effortless hydraulic pressure and feed rate control, ensuring consistently accurate threads for every application.


Key Features:

✓Flexible Operation: Thrufeed or Infeed (Plunge) processing. 
✓Rapid roll carriage infeed and return for unmatched efficiency.
✓Heavy-duty slideways ensure stability and precision.
✓Front operator's convenience with seamless controls and adjustments.
✓Preselector time control enables automatic cycling for streamlined operations.
✓Roll slide positive stop enhances safety and ease of use.
✓Automatic lubrication ensures smooth functioning and durability. 


Applications that Redefine Excellence:
PMC Thread Rolling Machines have been trusted across 42 countries for diverse industrial thread and profile rolling applications, including:

✓Plunge-feed thread rolling on Single-Ended and Double-Ended B7 Stud Bolts.
✓Handling U-Bolts, Hook Bolts, Foundation Bolts, and Anchor Bolts with precision.
✓Mastering All-Threaded-Bar up to 6M long (Thru-Feed) for extended versatility.
✓Achieving perfection with Screw Jacks, Elevating Screws, and ACME Shafts.
✓Enhancing grip and aesthetics with Diamond and Straight Knurling.
✓Tackling Tie Rods, Splines, Grease Tubes, Ball Pin Threads, and more.
✓This series are the thread specialist of Diamond Knurling; Straight Knurling; Small Spline; Small Ball Screw etc.


PM-32 PM-32VS PM-40 PM-40VS
Outside Dia. (threaded)
3 ~ 32mm
3 ~ 40mm
Thread Pitch Range
0.5~4.0 P  40~6 TPI 0.5~4.5 P  40~5 TPI
Max. In-Feed Thread Length
70mm (S) - 100mm (O) 150mm
Max. Thru-Feed Thread Length
free for extension free for extension
Rolling Dies
Max. Outside Dia.
150mm 150mm
Bore Dia.
54mm (2 1/8") 54mm (2 1/8")
Max. Width
70mm (S) - 100mm (O) 150mm
4 step Spindle Speed Range
20~60 RPM 20~60 RPM
Variable Spindle Speeds
X 0 ~ 90 RPM
X 0 ~ 90 RPM
Die-Spindle Dia. (2pcs roller spindle)
54mm (2 1/8") 54mm (2 1/8")
Max. Inclination of AII-2-Spindles
From 0° up to 10°(for Thru-Feed) From 0° up to 10°(for Thru-Feed)
Distance between 2 die-spindle centers
125 ~ 180mm 125 ~ 190mm
Height from table surface to spindle center
160mm 160mm
Max. Rolling Pressure
22 ton 27 ton
Motors     Die-Spindle Main Drive
5 HP (S) ~ 7.5 HP (O) 7.5 HP
Variable Speeds Drive
X 7.5 HP Inverter
X 10 HP Inverter
Hydraulic Motor
Coolant System
1/8 HP 1/8HP
Net weight (approx.)
1300kg 2100kg
Gross weight (approx.)
1500kg 2300kg
Dimension (L x W x H)
178 x 151 x 178cm 190 x 156 x 185cm
Shipping dimension (L x W x H)
200 x 171 x 198cm 210 x 176 x 205cm

* All models available with Automation Linkage (magazine loader + auto feed + unloader). 
* Design and technical data are subject to continuously improve and modify without notice.


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