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2 Roll Thread Rolling Machine-for Solid Bar
PM-120VS-6M Auto (6M Loader + Motorized Auto Feed + 6M Unloader)
Heavy Duty High Speed Gear Box
PM-75VS-L Worm Rolling Device
Sample of Rolled Splines
Sample of Worm Shafts made by PM-75VS-L
Product Name
Hydraulic Thru-feed & Infeed Thread Rolling Machine-Heavy Duty
PM-75VS-L / PM-120VS / PM-120VS-HS / PM-120VS-TWIN
Precision, Versatility, and Efficiency: The Heavy Duty Series

Versatile Performance:  
✓ Provide versatility with one moveable and one fixed head, making them suitable for heavy-duty threading and cold forming on cylindrical components. 
✓ Comply with various standards (ISO, ACME, TPN, WORM SCREWS, etc.) and deliver rapid and precise plunge and thru-feed thread rolling operations.  
✓ Equipped with PLC or CNC control units. 
✓ All enhanced with advanced Movable Front Spindle Support Housing.

Built to Last: 
Robust slideways and spindle support housings ensure exceptional strength and rigidity, minimizing the risk of deflection and guaranteeing a long and productive machine life. Operators can conveniently access all controls and adjustments from the front position.

Advanced Features: 
The Heavy Duty series offer advanced capabilities -  Preselector time control for automated cycling, Roll slide positive stop, and Automatic lubrication.

High-Speed Productivity: 
The PM-120VS-HS model boasts a High-Speed Gear Box with double spindle speeds, perfect for mass-producing All-Threaded-Bar and doubling productivity.

Double the Efficiency: 
The PM-120VS-TWIN introduces an innovative mechanism with 2 pairs of thread rolling dies, enabling synchronous plunge-feed thread rolling on both ends of the component, accommodating lengths of up to 300 mm, and doubling productivity.

Specialized Threads:
The Heavy Duty Series is your go-to for specialized threads such as Trapezoid (TR), DIN 405 Knuckle Thread, Spline Rolling, Ball Screw, Heavy Duty Tie Rod, Diamond Knurling, and Straight Knurling.

Unlock precision and productivity with PMC's Heavy Duty Series thread rolling machines.


Outside Dia. (threaded)
5 ~ 80mm
6 ~ 120mm6 ~ 60mm (HS)
6 ~ 120mm
Thread Pitch Range
1~10 P  24~2.5 TPI 1~12 P  24~2 TPI1~8 P  24~3 TPI
1~12 P  24~2 TPI
Max. In-Feed Thread Length
230mm 260mm260mm150+150=300mm
(double producivity)
Max. Thru-Feed Thread Length
free for extension
In-Feed only
Rolling Dies
Max. Outside Dia.
220mm 240mm240mm240mm
Bore Dia.
85mm (standard) or 80mm (option)
Max. Width
230mm 260mm260mm150+150=300mm
Variable Spindle Speeds
0 ~ 90 RPM
 0 ~ 90 RPM
0 ~ 200 RPM0 ~ 90 RPM
Die-Spindle Dia. (2pcs roller spindle)
85mm (standard) or 80mm (option)85mm (S) or 80mm (O) x 4pc
rolling dies
Max. Inclination of AII-2-Spindles
From 0° up to 10°(for Thru-Feed)
In-Feed only
Distance between 2 die-spindle centers
220 ~ 340mm 240 ~ 400mm240 ~ 400mm240 ~ 400mm
Height from table surface to spindle center
300mm 325mm325mm 325mm
Max. Rolling Pressure
60 ton 75 tonHigh speed gearbox
 75 ton
Motors     Die-Spindle Main Drive
25 HP 30 HP30 HP30 HP 
Variable Speeds Drive
30 HP Inverter
40 HP Inverter
40 HP Inverter
40 HP Inverter
Hydraulic Motor
15 HP 20 HP20 HP
 20 HP
Coolant System
1/2 HP 1/2 HP1/2 HP
 1/2 HP
Net weight (approx.)
5750 kg 6600 kg6600 kg
6800 kg
Gross weight (approx.)
6050 kg 6900 kg6900 kg
7100 kg
Dimension (L x W x H)
230 x 206 x 206cm 260 x 212 x 208cm260 x 212 x 208cm
260 x 224 x 208cm
Shipping dimension (L x W x H)
252 x 226 x 228cm 282 x 230 x 228cm282 x 230 x 228cm
282 x 230 x 228cm



* All models available with Automation Linkage (magazine loader + auto feed + unloader). 
* Design and technical data are subject to continuously improve and modify without notice.


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