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2 Roll Thread Rolling Machine-for Solid Bar
(with 2M Semi-Auto Pivot Equipment)
PM-160VS(100 Ton) with PLC + HMI
The advanced design shows the Movable Front Spindel Housing Mechanism
Pneumatic Clutch Operation Device (option) is convenient to operator to easily adjusting the pitch from the front operators position.
Centralized Control Panel incorporates with PLC & HMI
Using GATES Belt ensures no transmission slip (option)
Product Name
Hydraulic Thru-feed & Infeed Thread Rolling Machine-Heavy Duty Advanced
PM-160VS / PM-200VS-D / PM-250VS


Unleash Unprecedented Threading Power with Our Heavy-Duty Advanced Series

Heavy-Duty Excellence:
These series are the epitome of heavy-duty thread and profile rolling, setting the standard for state-of-the-art manufacturing and uncompromising quality.

Built to Last: 
The Movable Front Spindle Housing Mechanism enhances strength and rigidity, protecting die-spindles from deflection and ensuring maximum durability.

Unparalleled Capacity:
The PM-250VS (160 Ton) stands as one of the world's largest machines, serving wind energy power plant foundation bolts, tie rods, anchor bolts for tunnel constructions, stainless steel, and titanium bolts for the aerospace industry, cross-sea bridges, shipyards, nuclear power plants, and more.

Extreme Lengths, Unmatched Precision:
The PM-250VS can expertly roll 9-meter-long high tensile bars with a 200 mm diameter, each end featuring a 600 mm thread length. An auxiliary motor (2 HP) synchronizes rotation, ensuring precision from the very start of rolling.

Specialized Threads:
PMC's Heavy-Duty Advanced Series is your go-to for specialized threads like Trapezoid (TR), DIN 405 Knuckle Thread, Heavy Spline Rolling, Heavy Duty Ball Screw, Tie Rod, and Foundation Bolts for marine, wind energy power, and power plants.

Experience the pinnacle of threading power with PMC's Heavy Duty Advanced Series.


Outside Dia. (threaded)
12 ~ 160 mm
16 ~ 200 mm20 ~ 250mm
Thread Pitch Range
3~16 mm Pitch 3~20 mm Pitch4~25 mm Pitch
Max. In-Feed Thread Length
310 mm 310 mm350 mm
Max. Thru-Feed Thread Length
free for extension free for extensionfree for extension
Rolling Dies
Max. Outside Dia.
300 mm 300 mm320 mm
Bore Dia.
100mm (standard) or 85mm (option) 120mm (S) or 100mm (O)
Max. Width
310 mm 310 mm350 mm
Variable Spindle Speeds
0 ~ 75 RPM
0 ~ 75 RPM
0 ~ 60 RPM
Die-Spindle Dia. (2pcs roller spindle)
100mm (standard) or 85mm (option) 120mm (S) or 100mm (O)
Max. Inclination of AII-2-Spindles
From 0° up to 10°(for Thru-Feed)
Distance between 2 die-spindle centers
260 ~ 450mm 260 ~ 530mm300 ~ 560mm
Height from table surface to spindle center
360 mm 380 mm420 mm
Max. Rolling Pressure
100 ton 120 ton160 ton
Motors     Die-Spindle Main Drive
50 HP 50 HP75 HP
Variable Speeds Drive
60 HP Inverter
60 HP Inverter
100 HP Inverter
Hydraulic Motor
20 HP(S) ~ 25 HP(O) 25HP (Two-Sliding-Head)30 HP
Coolant System
1 HP 1 HP1 HP
Net weight (approx.)
9500kg 10500kg15000kg
Gross weight (approx.)
9900kg 10900kg15500kg
Dimension (L x W x H)
300 x 230 x 230cm 330 x 230 x 230cm390 x 240 x 238cm
Shipping dimension (L x W x H)
330 x 230 x 230cm 360 x 230 x 230cm430 x 240 x 238cm

* All models available with Automation Linkage (magazine loader + auto feed + unloader). 
* Design and technical data are subject to continuously improve and modify without notice.


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